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Fertilization and Weed Control Program

The Program That Protects and Enhances Your Lawn

Wayne’s Lawn Service, Inc.'s fertilization and weed control program is offered both on a residential and commercial basis.

Wayne’s Lawn Service provides a fertilization and weed control program on a residential and commercial basis. We can build a specific program just for the needs of your lawn. You can set up an appointment to have us come out and walk the property with you and address the areas of concern. We utilize the latest equipment from top name manufacturers to ensure calibration rates and accuracy in the amount of product used on your lawn. Also, we only use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Did you know? Due to recent advancements in technology and ongoing testing, most products that are applied to your lawn are just as safe around pets and children as your common household cleaners.

Wild Violet Applications - As you may very well know, wild violets can be very difficult to control and create an unpleasant appearance in your lawn. WE CAN HELP! Violets are generally caused by a low pH level in the soil, excessive shade, poor drainage, moisture or any combination of the reasons above. Unfortunately, pH is a natural side effect because of the clay soil base in our region of the country. Ongoing applications and lime are very important to the success of wild violet control.

Insecticide Applications - As the weather heats up, it is time to start watching for grub worm damage in your lawn and bagworm damage in your trees and shrubs. These insects are easily identifiable and, if caught early, can be eliminated before creating lasting damage. We can make the proper applications at the right time to help prevent lasting damage from occurring.

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