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Landscape Maintenance

Wayne’s Lawn Service, Inc. will be happy to come out and assess the current condition of your landscape and any seasonal plantings that require trimming.

Annual Color - We offer seasonal plantings for spring, summer and fall. We can help you choose the right flower varieties for your location that are sure to add color and season-long beauty to your property and home.

Hedge Trimming – When your bushes, hedges or shrubs need to be cut and shaped, we are here to help. We can look at the plants with you on-site or come out and give our recommendations. Not all shrubs require trimming at the same time or should be trimmed the same way. We will look at your plants and help explain what’s the best option, while increasing the curb-appeal and beauty of your home. Don’t forget to freshen up with new mulch after trimmings to protect your plants.

Mulching - When thinking about mulch, it is important to remember that mulch serves multiple purposes. It should not only accent your plants, home and natural landscape, but you should also consider the effects it has on your plants. The most common types of mulch are hardwood, cedar and cypress. We also offer decorative rock, bark nuggets, pine straw and more. All of these options have distinct differences and proper applications.

Hardwood Mulch - This mulch is very popular due to its dark color and lower price. However, it has the biggest downside from a plant health standpoint. Due to the way this mulch is processed, its decomposition occurs so rapidly it ties up nutrients within the soil. These nutrients cannot be utilized by your landscape plants and can cause soil and health issues.

Cedar or Cypress Mulch

Cedar or Cypress Mulch - These two mulch varieties provide great protection for plants and also help prevent weeds. Due to the way they are processed, the mulches become a cover and help prevent weeds from breaking the surface. Another advantage is color retention. Cedar and cypress will retain their color three times longer than hardwood. When the mulch does begin to fade, you simply flip it over and the beds look newly mulched again. This saves you time and money, and increases curb appeal all year long.

Decorative Rock - This is a great option for homeowners and commercial facilities. More and more commercial facilities are choosing this option as a way to limit fires from occurring around their building. Let us help you make your facility safer for all those who enter.

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